What Time Do You Wake Up?



“We all have the same 168 hours in a week. But not all of them are created equal.”

This is the tagline for the article by Shane Parrish posted on Observer.com (read the full article here) that discusses the secret to productivity – get up earlier than everyone else.

Shane talks with a man named Joel, who has successfully found a way to balance work, family, writing, reading, and hobbies all in his 24-hour day (same 24 hours as ours, which is hard to believe). Joel says his only secret is that he just gets up earlier. That’s it.

We’re more creative and more productive.

Shane goes on in the article to explain that the early morning hours are great for doing tough work or working on creative projects because you don’t get constantly interrupted. No meetings, no phone calls, no fires to put out…we can focus on what we WANT to do instead of what we HAVE to do, resulting in more creativity and productivity.

Many people wait to do that kind of work until they finally have time to themselves in the evening: after work is done, kids are in bed, dinner has been eaten, etc. But the problem with this, as Shane explains, is that by the time you get to that part of the day, you are mentally – and perhaps physically – spent. It is easier to just sit on the couch and watch TV than to do what you had originally planned. However, in the morning, you are reenergized and ready to take on the day.

Leslie Ye also gives some great suggestions on how to put your mornings to good use and get you motivated for your day in her article, 7 Easy Morning Motivation Hacks to Kickstart Your Day. Be sure to check out the great playlist suggestions to set the right mood for your morning.

But what if I’m not a morning person? Check out this infographic on tips to becoming one.

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