The 11 Best Business Etiquette Tips of the Millennium (Post Share)



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Work Well With Others

Business etiquette is one of those invisible operations working throughout our companies and processes every day – you don’t always see it in action, but you certainly notice when it is missing or when something goes wrong. I’m sure you have been the recipient of a painful email from a colleague with less than stellar etiquette (and it probably made you cringe, just a little).

But how do you correct poor business etiquette? A.J. Jacobs wrote a post to cover that topic specifically – The 11 Best Business Etiquette Tips. Speaking about his own experience of the “Oops” email, he outlines common business etiquette faux pas and 11 ways to correct them, drawing from a book by Ross McCammon.

Here is the quick list. Be sure to check out the full article for more info:

1. “Sorry. Sure. Great. Yes.” – Respond to email as if you were Robert De Niro

2. “I have no idea what you are asking. Can you please explain?” – Embrace your ignorance instead of offering up a bogus, uninformed opinion

3. “Smile 20% wider than feels comfortable” – Give it the ol’ Julia Roberts

4. “In the short term, I probably did ‘better’ work, but in the long term I did worse work because I didn’t allow myself to get my mistakes over with early.” – Make mistakes

5. “Do not look down, to the side, through them, at their chest, into their souls” – Look everyone in the eye

6. “If you’re bored, then whoever you’re pitching to is going to be REALLY bored” – Don’t get bored

7. “With handshakes, the key part of your anatomy is not the palm, but the weblike area between the thumb and forefinger” – When shaking hands, get up in there

8. “Like the opera singers do. Wider. Speak louder. Louder.” – Open your mouth when making a speech

9. “In business, you must assume that everyone is rooting for you.” – Be delusionally confident

10. “Clothes can actually put you in a different psychological state” – Wear decent clothes

11. “Your work should not be perfect. Your work should be wrinkled. It should show wear, and it should indicate that you’re trying new things and taking chances.” – Be intentionally imperfect

Want more advice on etiquette and other business skills? Check out the book Works Well With Others: An Outsider’s Guide to Shaking Hands, Shutting Up, Handling Jerks, and Other Crucial Skills in Business No One ever Teaches You by Ross McCammon

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