AMT Recommended Reads – March/April Edition



AMT Spring Reads

Spring is a crazy time – travel, time change, outdoor activities beginning – so this month we are doing a two-for-one-special of AM Transport Recommended Reads. These books are the new reads for both March and April. We are still passing around some of the same goodies (e.g. Good to Great), but we have some new faces in the crowd as well.

1. Start With Why
Author – Simon Sinek

Imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work, feel safe while they are there, and return home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, feeling that they have contributed to something greater than themselves. Fascinated by the leaders and companies that make the greatest impact in their organizations and in the world, those with the capacity to inspire, Sinek has discovered some remarkable patterns about how they think, act and communicate and the environments in which people operate at their natural best.

2. What to Do When It’s Your Turn (and It’s Always Your Turn)
Author – Seth Godin

This one is a repeat from last month. A very good repeat. PS – this is the book that looks like a magazine.

3. Hug Your Haters
Author – Jay Baer

You probably think you’re pretty good at customer service. After all, 80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service. But guess what? Only 8% of their customers agree. A colossal change in customer expectations is occurring RIGHT NOW, as customers move from private communication with companies to public communication in social media, review sites, and discussion boards. Now, customer service is a spectator sport. Are you prepared?

4. Word of Mouth Marketing
Author – Andy Sernovitz

In this book, word of mouth expert Andy Sernovitz will walk you through exactly how companies and causes of all sizes create passionate, loyal fans that do their marketing for them, for free. You’ll learn how to use word of mouth to make your company more profitable, how to spend less on marketing, and how to make your customers happier. You’ll learn how to be that remarkable company people want to share with their friends.

Looking for a wider variety of recommended reads? Check out NPR’s Book Concierge for their compilation of the best books of 2015.

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