A-Ha! Moments and How People Realize What to Do in Life (Infographic)


Path-Changers and Inspiration in Unexpected Places

When you sit down in the office of your high school guidance counselor, they always ask the big, scary question: what are you going to do with your life? And you may or may not have a grand plan in place for where you are heading after you graduate. But as we have all experienced, life tends to have its own plans that can quickly and effectively throw yours off course.

Some of these moments can stem from elements beyond your control. However, some of these path-changers can be a result of your own instincts and observations. Whenever you experience an “a-ha!” moment, don’t just let the idea pass by without a second thought. Instead, seize the opportunity that has landed before you. Take a look at how these 15 individuals did just that.


Check out this road map from Inc.com that will help lead you to your next A-ha! moment.

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