Repost – 1 Thing to Know About Everything at Work



The Business of Business is Simple

“The business of business is simple. All you really need is what’s listed in this post.” – Geoffrey James

This repost is about an article written on by Geoffrey James, and it is essentially a TL;DR version of some incredibly simple, but very useful, things you need to know about the working world.

Here is a sneak peak of a few of the gems he provides in the article:

Commitments. Your reputation is based not on how many commitments you keep but on how few commitments you don’t.

Innovation. Great ideas are dime-a-dozen; what matters is execution.

Presentations. There’s a special place in hell reserved for whoever invented PowerPoint.

Selling. The ultimate purpose of all sales activity is to help other people become happier.

Success. Measure success by how much you accomplish, not by how much money you make.

Check out the full article for more of the “single most important things you need to know,” according to James.

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