The 3rd Annual Ribbons & Headlights Campaign



May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day

And this year marks the 3rd annual awareness campaign ‘Ribbons & Headlights’ that runs throughout the month of May. The Truckers Missing Child Project created this annual campaign to raise awareness of the continuous fight against human trafficking and missing children, specifically in the transportation industry. The goal is to “bring awareness to missing children as well as to show America that we as truck drivers and the motoring public do care about the cause.”

During the month of May, and especially on May 25th, participating carriers and drivers drive with their headlights on and decorate their truck with yellow ribbons, representing missing children, and blue ribbons, representing those children who have died. Motorists are also invited to participate in the campaign.

Dugal Trimble started the Truckers Missing Child Project as a way to spread notices about missing children across the nation, using Facebook as a major platform for sharing the word with other truckers and groups. Trimble shares alerts from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in order to keep growing human trafficking awareness in the trucking community.

To join in the campaign and help spread the word, like the Truckers Missing Child Project Facebook page.

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