How are we different?


Known Capacity Model – 
The traditional model of taking loads and finding trucks just doesn’t work these days, so we developed our Known Capacity Model. We focus on selling known capacity in lanes where our carriers need freight. We do this via our proprietary FLOW technology and our team of well-trained logistics pros. We know where our carriers are putting their trucks and we find the freight to fit their needs.

Carrier Alignment Program – 
We’ve established relationships with core carriers who commit capacity to our customers, because we commit to keeping their trucks loaded and making their lives easier. We keep these trucks loaded daily within our customer freight network – in turn giving our customers committed trucks. A lot of logistics companies will boast of tens of thousands of carriers. That’s not us. We don’t play in that arena. Our goal is to find the best carriers and help drive more business their way.

Worry-Free LTL
Now you can have LTL with a truckload feel. We provide the same great service – down to the last pallet (or crate, or machinery, or roll, or dinosaur). Whatever you need moved, we are on it. We are constantly working to do more research, find the best carriers, and provide you with the level of service you have come to expect.
We’ve simplified the formula so you can leave the worrying to us.
Your shipment + our experience = LTL done right

Your No-BS Solution Center
We’re flipping things around. We’re changing the game. Why? Because the industry and business demand change. Customers and carriers expect more and our people dig in and make it happen. It works. And it’s more fun to create than to follow.