Continuous Learning in the Workplace


What’s in it for employees and employers?

It’s no surprise that when we come to work, we are faced with.. well, work. Our already packed schedules seem to continue to grow throughout the day and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The thought of adding something that is not required does not usually fall at the top of anyone’s “to-do list”. So why would one continue to seek education/training once they have landed the job that they want? Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight noted “I am a big believer that fostering ongoing learning in the workplace not only results in a pleasant and energizing work environment but a successful one with top-performing employees who aren’t afraid to question the status quo and work together to seek the truth during difficult situations.” [1]

As an employee, having motivation and a plan will only go so far if the company culture and/or team structure is not set up in a way that is conducive to workplace learning. This infographic highlights some common barriers in the development of a learning culture in the workplace.

learning culture

If you find yourself in a workplace that seems resistant to the idea, consider handing them a copy of the comic below (we kid, we kid… kind of), but having a conversation with your direct manager about the specific benefits to the team, company, and customers is a good place to start. Check out this article for information on how employers benefit from a learning culture as well as a list of suggestions of how employers can begin to create one:


[1] Skonnard, Aaron. (2014) How Making Employees Lifelong Learners Can Help Your Company Succeed. Entrepreneur.

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